Our Story

“I am an expert in sourcing top quality stone and deeply passionate about what I do.  DS Stone Supplies was founded in 2013 because, as an architectural stone mason, I was feeling disappointed with the quality and value of the limestone available locally.

I began importing stone for my own projects and – over time – other builders and architects started to ask about my stone. They were facing a similar struggle and could see that my stone was both high quality and affordable, so they would ask me to supply natural European stone for them also.

I have put my 20 years of experience and expertise to work selecting the best quality materials for my customers. I am here to help you deliver your project successfully using the most reliable stones and suppliers.

During my career spanning two decades of stone masonry, I have perfected my knowledge on how to recognise which material to use for which kind of work, learning how to recognise the best quality stone (natural cracks in the stone, frost resistance, fine grains) and creating a network of quarries and other craftsmen across Europe.

I fell in love for the first time in my life at 4 years old, with the world of geology. I spent my childhood collecting minerals and fossils from around the world and at 18 decided to train as a stone mason. Learning how to carve objects and architectural features out of my favourite material felt like a natural continuation of this early love of stones.

After a two year apprenticeship I became a journeyman – travelling from site to site, learning from Master to Master – and have been privileged to work on numerous listed buildings including Strasbourg Cathedral, Loire Valley Castles, Gloucester Cathedral and Owlpen Manor.

In 2010, I founded Stone Art Cotswold Ltd, a company of stonemasonry specialising in the restoration of listed buildings, stone water features and bespoke hand-carved fireplaces. Since then I have been sourcing the highest quality stones for my clients and carving them myself, so my knowledge of the materials I supply comes from first hand experience of working with them as a craftsman.

I can still be found searching for fossils on the beach after storms and attending geology clubs – it’s a lifelong love affair!”

Sébastien David – Managing Director – DS Stone Supplies Ltd

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