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French limestone, sandstone and granite – exploring the ornamental stone quarries of France

French limestone supply ornamental stone

There is a great diversity of stone in France, and the country is renowned for its heritage in stone and stonework. The technical characteristics and aesthetics determine a stone’s use as either masonry, decoration, indoor or outdoor stone. Today, this industry represents around 500…

How do you know if a stone is frost resistant and where to use it on a building?

Finding the appropriate material can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are looking for. During my career as a stone mason I have met customers, craftmen, and sometimes architects who were wondering which stone to use outdoors in the UK….

The Recent Geology of England and Northern France

What I want to explain to entrepreneurs and architects is the common history between England and Northern France. Our biggest mining districts(Bath and Portland stone)have been quarried for hundreds of years. Every year quarries are closing down and to find the best alternative to carry on the restoration of our monuments we need to use more stones from the other side of the Channel.