Limestone tiles for flooring

We supply a variety of limestone tiles for use both indoors and outdoors. in a variety of finishes. We cut our stone to order with 1mm accuracy and totally square. Our bespoke limestone tiles and are available aged, brushed, flamed, honed, sandblasted, tumbled or just sawn.

In-house masonry advice for choosing  limestone tiles

Our master stone mason, Sébastien David of Stone Art Cotswold, is on hand to advise which stone to choose for your purposes. This depends on the level of frost resistance you need and what kind of traffic the limestone flooring needs to withstand.

Our limestone tiles can be cut to a range of thicknesses from 15mm to 50mm. We will happily recommend products and processes for fitting, preserving and caring for your limestone tiles and flagstones.

Limestone tiles for outdoor stone flooring and gardens

Harsh winters can easily destroy outdoor stone flooring in just a few years. Most of the limestone available here in the UK has a low resistance to frost, as you will see if you look in any garden in spring time.

We source our limestone tiles from Europe, where the level of frost resistance is regulated. A stone sample is soaked in water for 24 hours, frozen at -20 degrees and left to thaw. If this can be repeated 144 times (cycles) without damage to the stone, it is declared frost resistant.

Our garden tiles are certified frost resistant. Take a look at our stone supply specifications for more information and read more about frost resistance on our blog.

Elegant limestone tiles for interior stone flooring

Our Vezelay, Rancy and St Andre limestones all make beautiful interior flooring. Our tiles can be supplied in a variety of beautiful finishes and our hand-picked range of limestones offers different colours from creamy pale limestone tiles to warm, rich yellow hues.

Have a browse through our range of stones or drop us a line today for a no-obligation quote and advice from our master mason on the right stone to use for your project.