Our Stone

We supply several varieties of premium quality European stone to architects, interior designers and craftsmen for a broad range of applications including limestone  flooring, fireplaces, sculpture and restoration projects.

You can see below a detailed specification of each type of stone that we supply. We are one of very few suppliers who have accurately tested frost resistance of all our stones. Find out more about frost resistance here. 

We can supply our stone in a variety of forms and finishes to suit your needs:

  • Natural limestone flooring: honed, brush, grinded, distressed
  • Natural stone block: supply block at measurement required for quoin stone, coping, for architectural masons
  • Natural stone colours: available in white, cream, yellow or blue


Natural limestone fireplace
Gloucester Cathedral was built using local Cotswold Limestone, but the quarry which provided this stone has been closed for many decades. After extensive research, English Heritage agreed to use this stone instead of the original Painswick Limestone for the restoration of the Cathedral which had the same characteristic, geology, and aspect .

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  • Porosity: 22.1%
  • Compressive Strength: 33.1 MPa
  • Abrasive Resistance: 36mm
  • Frost Resistance: 138 cycles
  • Density: 2080kg/m3
  • Breaking Strength: 5.5 MPa


Exterior limestone flooring in natural european stone
This stone has a beautiful warm colour reminiscent of Cotswold limestone. The difference is it has a much higher resistance to frost. It can be used as flooring in 15mm thickness, in a variety of finishes, and is as lasting and effective outside as inside. Vezelay limestone flooring at this thickness works especially well with underfloor heating systems and the stone thermie inertia will keep the floor warm for longer.

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Vezelay Beige

  • Porosity: 11%
  • Compressive Strength: 68 MPa
  • Abrasive Resistance: 23mm
  • Frost Resistance: 168 cycles
  • Density: 2410 kg/m3
  • Breaking Strength: 12 MPa

Vezelay Yellow

  • Porosity: 12%
  • Compressive Strength: 50 MPa
  • Abrasive Resistance: 28mm
  • Frost Resistance: 168 cycles
  • Density: 2380 kg/m3
  • Breaking Strength: 12 MPa


Limestone flooring with underfloor heating
This coarse-grained stone has a warm yellowish colour and makes an ideal fireplace in a countryside cottage. A soft limestone which can be easily carved.

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  • Porosity: 13.9%
  • Compressive Strength: 48 MPa
  • Abrasive Resistance: 31mm
  • Frost Resistance: 144 cycles
  • Density: 2330 kg/m3
  • Breaking Strength: 10 MPa

St Andre

Natural limestone flooring for exterior swimming pool tiles
This creamy coloured stone is ideal for modern interior furnishings such as staircases, fireplaces and for interior or exterior limestone flooring. St Andre stone is available in a variety of finishes.

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  • Porosity: 9%
  • Compressive Strength: 74.9 MPa
  • Abrasive Resistance: 23.4mm
  • Frost Resistance: superior to 240 cycles
  • Density: 2440kg/m3
  • Breaking Strength: 10.6 MPa


Exterior marble steps and limestone flooring
This stone can be provided in both beige and blue varieties. It is highly resistant to frost and ideal for outdoor use in a garden or exterior staircase.

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  • Porosity: 0.3%
  • Compressive Strength: 201 MPa
  • Abrasive Resistance: 21mm
  • Frost Resistance: superior to 240 cycles
  • Density: 2680kg/m3
  • Breaking Strength: 22 MPa


Maintenance of Limestone Flooring

Honed or polished natural stones can be subject to progressive wear over time. Limestone and marbles are porous and marble or limestone flooring can absorb contaminants such as tannin (present in wine, tea and some wood).

We can supply you with specialised products for the protection of natural stone, such as sealer, water repellent, or wet effect sealer.


Stone is a durable and sustainable material and the production process does not consume as much energy as other materials. In fact stone has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any building material.

Its components are 100% natural and mineral. It is a main component of the Earth’s crust which mean it could be considered as an inexhaustible resource.


Stone is a natural material which can be subject to some subtle variations of colour, crystalline veins, shells and geodes. The sample supplied defines the general texture. These natural subtleties will not be considered as grounds for a refusal of the product or a reduction of the price.

DS Stone Supplies are in no way liable for any fitting in adverse conditions (weather), or negligent practices of the fitters.

Our full Terms and Conditions of Sale can be found here.