Architectural Stone Supplies

Fireplace stone supplies for architects Stone flooring limestone tiles

Architectural Stone & Building Stone Supplies

We supply architectural stone, building stone, fireplace stone and stone flooring. Our stone supplies are cut precisely to your measurements and in a variety of bespoke finishes. Our suppliers use state of the art equipment  to cut your stone with a tolerance of 1mm and completely square.

Expert masonry advice for choosing your architectural stone

Our in-house master stone mason, Sebastien David of Stone Art Cotswold, will advise you on which stone has the level of frost resistance you need. We  supply stone flooring for heavy or pedestrian traffic areas. Our natural stone flooring supplies come in a range of thicknesses from 15mm to 50mm. We will advise you on the best techniques for fitting, protecting and maintaining your stone flooring.

Frost resistant limestone flooring

Cotswold stone is very popular for building and as a fireplace stone. Clients often ask for natural stone flooring inside their house to match the colour of the Cotswold limestone. Cotswold stone cannot withstand the frost and quickly deteriorates within a few winters. Our Vezelay limestone flooring can be cut to 15mm – ideal for underfloor heating systems – and is highly resistant to frost.

Architectural stone masonry and sculptural stone supplies

Our background in stone masonry means we understand your requirements for natural stone supplies. Our fine-grained limestone makes an excellent fireplace stone or sculptural stone. This kind of natural stone can be carved in very fine detail and with a beautiful honed or polished finish. We can supply sculptural stone to your exact measurements, completely square and with 1mm accuracy.

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