Vezelay – Frost Resistant French Limestone Flooring

Vezelay is very popular among clients looking for French limestone flooring tiles. Indoors it is ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. Outdoors it makes highly frost resistant and long-lasting garden paving and pool surrounds.

This stone has a beautiful warm colour reminiscent of Cotswold limestone and is often used alongside local stone. The main difference is that our French limestone flooring has a much higher resistance to frost which means it lasts longer outdoors.

Vezelay limestone can be used as flooring in 15mm thickness. This works especially well with underfloor heating systems and the stone’s thermal inertia will keep the floor warm for longer.

We supply our Vezelay French limestone flooring in two colours – warm beige and golden yellow – and in a variety of finishes to suit your design.

Vezelay can also be used for copings and cladding. Our master mason will be happy to talk you through the many applications of this versatile limestone.


Vezelay Beige
Porosity: 11%
Compressive Strength: 68 MPa
Abrasive Resistance: 23mm
Frost Resistance: 168 cycles
Density: 2410 kg/m3
Breaking Strength: 12 MPa

Vezelay Yellow
Porosity: 12%
Compressive Strength: 50 MPa
Abrasive Resistance: 28mm
Frost Resistance: 168 cycles
Density: 2380 kg/m3
Breaking Strength: 12 MPa